Lake Isle and Lake Ste. Anne (LILSA) is interested in hearing the viewpoints on lake water quality from residents & general users at Lake Isle & Lac Ste Anne Lake.  Our primary goal from this survey is to find out the current knowledge base around the water quality, overall lake health, and your major concerns surrounding it.  

This survey is completely anonymous, however if you would like any further information or would be willing to take any additional follow up surveys, you can leave your contact information at the end of the survey.  Providing us with your contact information also gets you entered into a draw for a gift card to a local business. This survey is available until June 15, 2021

LILSA, a non-profit society, is committed to promoting the preservation of Lake Isle and Lac Ste Anne Lake, located 40 minutes west of Edmonton, Alberta.  Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of the water.  Our society is run entirely by volunteers. 

Please go to the link LILSA Lake Water Quality Survey  

or go to the LILSA website and click on ‘Take Survey Now’ which is located on our homepage.