WILD Water Restrictions

May 4th, 2021

To all WILD Water Commission Members: 

Please be advised that due to a planned maintenance shutdown of EPCOR operations, on Wednesday May 5th, 2021 the Capital Region Parkland Water Services Commission, and therefore the WILD Water Commission, will be subject to volume restrictions. 

For all members of the WILD Water Commission, please ensure this information is forwarded to relevant departments within your organization, including public works departments and emergency services (fire departments), for their information. Please ensure non-critical water use in your municipalities is minimized until the restriction is lifted. We anticipate the line to be back at full capacity by May 6th, 2021, but will confirm once we know for sure. 

For those members directly connected to the system, please ensure you fill your system reservoirs today (May 4th, 2021) to help reduce demand during this restriction. 

Thank you for your cooperation in addressing this matter, 

Operations Department

WILD Water Commission