Repairing the Damage to Ross Haven’s Shoreline

At the January Council meeting, Council expressed its support for residents looking to properly repair shoreline damage along the lake front.  Council and staff are committed to providing support and information to help residents wherever possible and staff have been in contact with Senior Lands Officer with Alberta Environment and Parks, Chris Vierath.

Mr. Vierath has provided the following resources for information to Ross Haven residents impacted by shoreline damage.

Application Under the Water Act for Approval

Fact Sheet – Shoreline Water Body Modifications- June 2017

Lake Sample Plans

Part II – Supporting Information

Shoreline Stabilization Techniques


Caring for Shoreline Properties

Guidelines for Lakeshore Use

Aquatic Vegetation Removal

Water Boundaries

Respect Our Lakes

Water Act Approvals

Residents with specific questions about repairing the shoreline can contact:

Mr. Chris Vierath
Alberta Environment and Parks
Provincial Building
5020 – 52 Avenue
Whitecourt, Alberta
T7S 1N2

Telephone: (780) 778-7108
Fax: (780) 778-5538