Training Available for Water Act Approvals

Alberta Environment and Parks is transforming the way they administer Water Act approvals by moving to a web-based, electronic application system.

Water Act approvals applications, approval amendments applications, and Code of Practice notices will be submitted through an online process in a new Environmental Approvals System called OneStop (EAS OneStop). This new system will increase the consistency and transparency of application review and streamline communication and application requirements for applicants, which will result in a more efficient process.

When are these changes taking place?

  • Effective November 30, 2018, Code of Practice notices are required to be submitted online in the OneStop system. For more information on the submission process, you can refer to:
  • Effective January 18, 2019, all new Water Act approvals applications and approval amendments applications are required to be submitted online in the OneStop system.

Who should attend training?

Any person or company planning to undertake an activity that may affect the land or vegetation under or around a water body, or may affect the location, flow, or quality of the water or aquatic environment, requires prior authorization and must submit an application or notice to Alberta Environment and Parks.

Why should I attend training?

Training is being offered to assist applicants with this change. A high level online information session will be held on January 8, 2019 to inform you of the Water Act Approvals Project and EAS OneStop. More detailed online and in-person training sessions will be held from January 10 to 17 to give you an overview of the EAS OneStop system, application instructions, and hands on experience in EAS OneStop with test applications. 

When are training sessions being offered?

Please click on the Eventbrite link below for details about upcoming training sessions.