Sewer Project

The Sewer Project has been approved by the Alberta Government, the North 43 Lagoon Commission, and the Summer Village of Ross Haven Council.  Construction is scheduled to commence in the second half of September 2022.  A construction timeline and more information will be provided on this website prior to September 15, 2022.

All lot owners, whether you are connecting or not, should provide guidance on where they would like their service stub to be located on their property.  If you intend to connect before December 31, 2023, the service stub will be left above ground for easy access and hookup.  If you do not intend to initially connect, then the service stub will be buried slightly below ground level, and the coordinates will be recorded and available for your use in the future.  Failure to communicate will result in the construction team placing it in the location they feel is suitable, and leaving the service stub buried. 

Questions, Clarifications, or Issue Reporting

Contact Breagh @ Stantec for any questions, clarifications, or to report an issue pertaining to the Sewer Project.  All items will be tracked and responded to.

Breagh Peel

Mobile: 587.930.5523


Guidance for Location of Service Stub

Please complete this prior to 5:00pm on September 15, 2022.  Send an email to the following three email addresses:  TCL Construction (; Garry Tyschuk (; and Breagh Peel (  This information will be kept confidential between these three individuals, and will only be used for the purposes of determining the location of the service stub.

The service stub will be installed on your property, up to 5 meters past the property line closest to the road, pending specific site conditions.

  1. Subject Line: Put “Ross Haven Service Stub – {Your Ross Haven Street Address} “ in the subject line.  For example: Ross Haven Service Stub – 314 – 3rd Street.
  2. Email Body: Include the following in your email body.
    1. Your name, Ross Haven Street Address, Email, and phone number.
    2. Whether you intend to connect or not prior to December 31, 2023.
    3. One of the two options:
      1. A request for a meeting to be scheduled onsite to review the location of your service stub.
      2. Advisement that you have placed a stake on your property identifying the preferred location of the service stub.  Someone from the construction team will review your placement, and advise if it is suitable, or if the stake needs to be relocated to meet site conditions.

Homeowner Information Package

Please review the Homeowner information package that is provided on this webpage.  If you are intending to connect, please review the Wastewater System Connection Checklist on page 2.

Homeowner Installation

The Homeowner must obtain both a plumbing and electrical permit from Superior Safety Codes Inc. (1.866.999.4777).

Residents are encouraged to use a licensed installer.  A partial list of licensed installers is on

For those residents that can install it themselves, Alberta Wilbert Supplies Ltd. (“AWS”) are offering a 20% discount off of the retail price of the Orenco Prostep Package exclusively to the residents of Ross Haven.  This includes the Hanging Discharge, ClickTight MVP Panel, ClickTight Floats, 10GPM PF1005 Pump, and the Biotube Pump Vault with Filter.  Residents will need to pay for each package upon pickup.  To get this discount, residents need to advise AWS they are from Ross Haven, and will need to provide your property address – which will service as your PO number.

Note that licensed installers also receive their contractor discount on the Orenco Prostep package, thus, their pricing offered to you should be similar or perhaps even less than the pricing available to individuals. Licensed installers should also warranty  the installation.

2023 Property Tax Cost to Residents

The cost for all residents in 2023 that will be applied to your tax bill, regardless on if you connect or not, will be $300 per lot for 2023.

The Ross Haven Water and Sewer Fund has been applied to our property taxes for many years.  This annual cost, which was $200 in 2022, was for our North 43 membership (allowing us to dump our sewage into the lagoon), lagoon operations and maintenance, and the future expansion of the lagoon and associated projects.  In 2023, this fee will be increasing to $300.  This new amount includes the items previously mentioned and their associated increase (~$100), as well as the operations, maintenance, and future capital reserves for the sewer distribution lines within the Summer Village of Ross Haven ($200).

2024 Property Tax Cost to Residents

If you choose not to connect, the annual cost is expected to be $300 per lot.  If you choose to connect, your annual cost will be approximately $500 to $800 per lot.  The annual cost for those that connect will decrease based on the number of lots that connect.  In November of each year, the annual “connected” cost for the following year will be determined based on the number of lots that are connected (or have completed the application form to connect).


Ross Haven Homeowner Information Package

Click the link below to access the homeowner information package. 

Contractors that are able to Complete the Homeowner Portion of the Sewer Installation

Anderson Solutions and Services Inc.

Contact: James

Phone: (780) 206-0053


CJM Water & Septic

Contact: Cory

Phone: (780) 232-8349



Edmonton Septic Tanks Ltd.

Contact: Joedy

Phone: (780) 239-2169



Lionel’s Gradall Service Ltd.

Contact: Denis

(780) 934-3300



Rock Bottom Diggin Ltd.

Contact: Jamie

Cell: (587) 784-3242