Emergency Preparedness

If there is an extreme fire hazard, or other emergency in Alberta are you prepared?

Actions for You

1. Be aware and abide by the fire bans within the village. Please check the albertafirebans.ca website to see the status of fire bans within the village and neighbouring areas. 

2. Have a 72-Hour Emergency Kit. Have a 72-hour emergency kit prepared in case it is needed. Information on what should be included in your emergency kit is located on our website under Emergency Preparedness > Build Yourself a 72-Hour Emergency Kit, or by clicking here.

3. Have a plan and location to evacuate to if needed. We hope that an evacuation is never required. But if it is, have a plan and location prepared to quickly evacuate. Consider what your family will need to do if evacuated.

4. Please check out alberta.ca/build-an-emergency-kit to ensure your preparedness. 

General Emergency Information

1. Check here for Alberta wildfire status: https://www.alberta.ca/wildfire-status.aspx

2. If required, information during an emergency would be posted on the Ross Haven website

3. The muster point within the village is the Village Shop. Our offsite muster point is the Summer Village of Yellowstone Shop. If we need to utilize our offsite muster point, this information will be posted on Rosshaven.ca.

4. The Summer Village of Ross Haven belongs to the Ste Anne Summer Villages Regional Emergency Management Partnership (SVREMP) svlsace.ca. This partnership provides Ross Haven with the extra resources that may be needed in case of an emergency.

5. Ross Haven’s Director of Emergency Management (DEM) is Noel Tomm. Our Deputy Director of Emergency Management (DDEM) is Greg King. Both have had Emergency Management training and will be there to direct us through an emergency if anything were to happen. Our CAO, Tony Sonnleitner, has also had emergency management training and will assist as required.

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