Notice to Residents and Visitors

Re: Public Health and Novel Coronavirus Awareness

As many of you are aware, addressing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains a focus for global, federal, provincial and local authorities. Earlier this week, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, and as the impact has spread to Canada our federal and provincial governments are providing regular guidance to the public on the matter.… Read more

March 21, 2020 Meeting of Council

The March 21, 2020 regular meeting of Council will be closed to the general public due to health concerns associated with the COVID-19 virus.

Scheduling for future meetings will be assessed as the situation progresses.


Call the office at (780) 999-6654… Read more

East End Bus suspended


To our valued patrons, we wish to inform you that as of March 17, 2020 Lac Ste. Anne East End Bus Society will be suspending all scheduled trips and excursions. This is a step we must take to ensure the safety of our patrons and employees of EEB.… Read more

Mailing Addresses

Dear Landowners:

As we begin a new year, and a new decade, a reminder to keep your mailing address current with the Summer Village and the Alberta Land Titles Office.

The Alberta Land Titles Act specifically states in Section 48 that an owner or mortgagee of land shall deliver to the Registrar a memorandum in writing of some address to which all notices shall be mailed.… Read more

Flowering Rush

Flowering Rush is a prohibited, noxious weed that has been introduced into several Alberta water bodies.  It is an aquatic plant that grows as an emergent plant along shorelines of both lakes and rivers. Flowering Rush was brought to North America from Europe as a garden plant.  This variety will form dense stands which will interfere with recreational lake use.… Read more

Lake Isle & Lac Ste. Anne Water Quality Management Society (LILSA)
Did you know that LILSA:

  • Advocates for the health of our lakes;
  • Is working hard to slow and prevent the spread of FLOWERING RUSH, an invasive species that is taking over Lake Isle and making its way to Lac Ste Anne;
  • Completed a State of the Watershed Report and is working with other organizations to develop a Watershed Management plan;
  • Partners with municipal and provincial governments to apply for grants and improve the quality of our lakes;
  • Is working on short and long-term solutions to improve our lakes and keep them healthy and useable for generations to come;
  • Needs more members to keep doing their important work!
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