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Mayor:   Ray Hutscal

I have been enjoying Ross Haven since 1995 with my wife, Denise, and her family.  In 2008, we became owners in Ross Haven, and have been frequenting Ross Haven and Lac Ste. Anne ever since.  We have built many close friendships with other Ross Haven owners, and we will continue to enjoy our part time residence until we are able to make it our permanent home. 

I completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary, and have over 27 years experience in the oil and gas industry.  My experience includes negotiating commercial leases and office contracts, coordinating architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers, managing construction, overseeing capital and operating budgets, and overseeing staff that provide office related services to thousands of people. 

I look forward to utilizing my experience, and collaborating with my fellow councillors, administration, and you to serve the Summer Village of Ross Haven in an open, transparent, and respectful way. Thank you for your support.

Ray Hutscal

Mayor, Summer Village of Ross Haven


C 403.850.1873


Deputy-Mayor:   Lolita Chadd

I am new to Ross Haven but have lived in Lac Ste Anne County for over 30 years. My husband, Lowell, and I purchased our little home in 2019. The peacefulness and gentle lake access are what drew us to this community. I have made some special friendships very quickly here and it sure feels like home. 

 I graduated grade school in Barrhead, AB and became a Beautician by trade. We have 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. I operated my own salon in Sangudo, AB for several years. 

 I have always believed and participated in community service. I have volunteered in my community and served in roles with our local Ag. Society, 4H clubs, minor sports, school council, FCSS board, community hall board, etc.  

 We have operated a family-owned industrial maintenance business in Lac Ste Anne County for 30+ years. I have experience with heavy hauling, vacuum trucks, steamer/pressure trucks, heavy equipment, construction, fabrication, and industrial maintenance. I’ve also worked with office administration with general bookkeeping, payroll, safety programming and HR. Part of building a business is learning many roles to better understand what each role requires, and I believe, a better appreciation/respect of the importance and cost associated to each. (also because the boss works cheap) 

 I thank our residents for putting their faith in me and granting me the opportunity to serve the Summer Village of Ross Haven for this term. My business experience will help me to collaborate with fellow councilors, administration, ratepayers, and surrounding municipalities to serve this wonderful community openly and respectfully. 

Lolita (Lolly) Chadd 

Deputy Mayor, Summer Village of Ross Haven 

 C 780-284-7111 

Councillor:   Dieter Brandt

I have been a property owner in Ross Haven since 2015. My wife, Heather, and I have a cabin on 3rd Street. Some of my family members have been a part of Ross Haven since the early 1980s so I know many of the folks who live near them. Our full-time home is in Red Deer, Alberta. We have two daughters, Gabrielle and Stephanie, who are in different stages of their university educations.

I am at a point in my career where I am fortunate enough to have recently retired from a full-time career with Chinook’s Edge School Division. I spent 29 years working for the public school system in progressively more administrative roles. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree with a focus on Educational Leadership. I have been a teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, and a member of Division Office Administration.

I had the opportunity to work with many different community organizations that are involved with families and kids. I oversaw a budget that was in excess of 7 million dollars and had a staff of about 130 people at the peak of my career. Regular audits by other government agencies kept everything in check. I know how to listen to and work with people. I know how to keep an open mind exploring things from all angles. I know that budgets need to be carefully scrutinized. We always have to be careful but, in the end, once everything has been looked at, I know how to make a decision using differing opinions, the facts, my experience and my education to help me. The best interests of the Village of Ross Haven will always guide me.


Dieter Brandt


Summer Village of Ross Haven

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