Council Members

Deputy-Mayor Bruce Stonehouse

Bruce’s family has had a cabin in the village since 1962, and moved to 5th street in 1976. He and his family owned and managed a business in Onoway from 1970 to 1992. He was a member of the Onoway Fire Department for a number of years, involved in all aspects of firefighting, recruitment, training, developing SOP’s, and budgeting, including Fire Chief.

Bruce and his wife Connie moved back to the Summer Village in 2010. We have two daughter and three grandchildren who all enjoy the lake life and visit family and friends within the village.

Bruce is a Registered Nurse & Paramedic. All of this emergency experience has prepared him well in communications, critical thinking, leadership, conflict management, and disaster preparedness. He had taken on the role of DEM in the Summer Villages Emergency Management Agency prior to being elected to Council.

Bruce is here not only to serve in the best interests of the Haven, but for our future generations to enjoy. On our street, for example, there are 7 families that are 2nd generation, and I would like to see 3rd or 4th enjoying the beauty and tranquility that Ross Haven has to offer.

A strong independent voice on Council as we face challenges in the ever-changing economy and Government.


Oaths of Office of Members of Council