Sewer System

In January 2023, the North 43 Lagoon Wastewater Collection and Transmission lines within the Summer Village of Ross Haven was completed. Every lot within the village has a service stub that is available for connection to the transmission line.

Homeowners are now able to connect to the wastewater collection and transmission lines.

Emergency Contacts

Kurt Stogrin 780.284.8220

Lac Ste. Anne County After Hours 780.785.3411

General Information Contact

Tony Sonnleitner


C 780.999.6654

General Information Package

Please review the “North 43 Lagoon General Information Ross Haven” that is provided below. 

If you are intending to connect, please review the “North 43 Lagoon Steps to Connect”, and then complete the “North 43 Lagoon Application Form”


Property Tax Cost to Residents

The Sewer Property Tax costs to residents is identified separately on your tax bill. This amount includes our North 43 membership (allowing us to dump our sewage into the lagoon), lagoon operations and maintenance, future expansion of the lagoon, as well as the operations, maintenance, and future capital reserves for the sewer distribution lines within the Summer Village of Ross Haven.

If you choose NOT to connect to the sewer system, the annual cost is $275 per lot.

If you choose to connect, the 2024 cost is expected to be $475 per lot. This cost will be reviewed each tax year and is reduced as more residents connect.

A partial list of contractors that can complete the Homeowner Portion of the Sewer Installation are:

Anderson Solutions and Services Inc.

Contact: James

Phone: (780) 206-0053


CJM Water & Septic

Contact: Cory

Phone: (780) 232-8349



Edmonton Septic Tanks Ltd.

Contact: Joedy

Phone: (780) 239-2169



Lionel’s Gradall Service Ltd.

Contact: Denis

(780) 934-3300



Rock Bottom Diggin Ltd.

Contact: Jamie

Cell: (587) 784-3242