Council Members

Mayor Louis Belland

During the winter of 2013, Louis was asked by many of the Ross Haven ratepayers if he would consider running for Council. In August 2013, Louis and his fellow Councillors were acclaimed to office. This will be the third term Louis has been on Council.

Louis and his family have been in Ross Haven since 1992. There are very few weekends Louis and family are not at the lake enjoying the outdoors summer or winter. If he is away it is because he is playing outside somewhere else.

Louis was an accomplished tradesman when another calling took him away. Since 2004, he has sought and accomplished many Safety designations; National Safety Construction Officer, Gold Seal Construction Safety Officer and Occupational Health and Safety Certificate through the University of Alberta.

Louis looks forward to working with all the residents of the Summer Village over the next four years using the knowledge and experience obtained from previous terms. Louis would like to work with the residents on issues such as managing parkways, land use bylaws and working with the Ross Haven Community League to make a stronger community with great community spirit that all residents can be proud of.

Councillor William Saunders

Bill started visiting friends in Ross Haven in 2007. This continued until 2014 when he and his family finally decided to invest in the lake lifestyle and purchased a cabin in the village.

Bill, originally from Newfoundland, has lived in Edmonton since the 90’s. He and wife Terri have a son and daughter who also enjoy the lake life as much as they do. Bill is an outdoor enthusiast and spends his spare time at the lake with his family year-round, participating in a variety of outdoor and sporting activities.

Bill is a certified accountant by trade and has held executive positions in the Oil and Gas and Construction industries. On top of his accounting knowledge, Bill has extensive experience in negotiations and contract law and looks to utilize that in helping Ross Haven move forward.

As the newest member of the Ross Haven Council, Bill is looking forward to meeting all of the residents and working with them to ensure that Ross Haven continues to be one of Alberta’s premier summer villages.

Deputy-Mayor Bruce Stonehouse

Bruce’s family has had a cabin in the village since 1962, and moved to 5th street in 1976. He and his family owned and managed a business in Onoway from 1970 to 1992. He was a member of the Onoway Fire Department for a number of years, involved in all aspects of firefighting, recruitment, training, developing SOP’s, and budgeting, including Fire Chief.

Bruce and his wife Connie moved back to the Summer Village in 2010. We have two daughter and three grandchildren who all enjoy the lake life and visit family and friends within the village.

Bruce is a Registered Nurse & Paramedic. All of this emergency experience has prepared him well in communications, critical thinking, leadership, conflict management, and disaster preparedness. He had taken on the role of DEM in the Summer Villages Emergency Management Agency prior to being elected to Council.

Bruce is here not only to serve in the best interests of the Haven, but for our future generations to enjoy. On our street, for example, there are 7 families that are 2nd generation, and I would like to see 3rd or 4th enjoying the beauty and tranquility that Ross Haven has to offer.

A strong independent voice on Council as we face challenges in the ever-changing economy and Government.


Oaths of Office of Members of Council