Land Use Bylaw (Updated March 2017)

Speed Limit Bylaw

Fees and Charges Bylaw
Schedule A Fees and Charges 2017-18

Weight Restrictions Bylaw

Animal Control Bylaw

Procedural Bylaw

217-07 No Parking Bylaw (Amended June 2018)

Off Highway Vehicles Bylaw

Fire Pit Bylaw

Records Retention and Disposition Bylaw

Fire Extinguishing Costs Bylaw

Noise Bylaw

Fireworks Bylaw
Fireworks Bylaw – High Hazard Fire Works Permit
Fireworks Bylaw – Low Hazard Fireworks Permit
Fireworks Bylaw – Adjacent Landowner Approval
Fireworks Bylaw – Vendor Low Hazard Fire Works Permit

Taxation Bylaw 2018

Special Wastewater Lagoon Tax 2016 Bylaw

Emergency Management Bylaw

Council Code of Conduct Bylaw