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Real-Time Hydrometric Data Graph for LAC STE. ANNE AT ALBERTA BEACH (05EA006) [AB] – Water Level and Flow – Environment Canada (

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Lac Ste. Anne

Aquatic Invasive Species

The Law and the Lake

Flowering Rush is a prohibited, noxious weed that has been introduced into several Alberta water bodies.  It is an aquatic plant that grows as an emergent plant along shorelines of both lakes and rivers. Flowering Rush was brought to North America from Europe as a garden plant.  This variety will form dense stands which will interfere with recreational lake use.  Flowering Rush crowds out our native plants and has the potential to fill in an entire lake if left uncontrolled.

For more information – visit the Lake Isle Lac Ste. Anne (LILSA) website

Lake Water Levels

Looking for information on water levels in Lac St. Anne either historically or in real-time? They can be found here.